Doorbuster Lenovo deal knocks the Tab M9 (2023) down to its second-best price

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Doorbuster Lenovo deal knocks the Tab M9 (2023) down to its second-best price
The Microsoft Surface 9 Pro is a top choice for Windows fans, and there are no two ways around that. But let's be honest, not many people can afford it (or want to cough up that much money.) Fortunately, Lenovo now sells its super affordable Tab M9 (2023) with 64GB storage at a steeply discounted price. If you pick this major bargain, you'll save 34% on the budget tablet.

Lenovo sells its 4/64GB Tab M9 (2023) at its second-best price

The official Lenovo store now offers the entry-level 4/64GB Tab M9 (2023) at an unbeatable price! The slate currently sells under $100, which is typically a price reserved for the base model with 3GB RAM and 32GB of storage. With a 9-inch display and dual speakers tuned for Dolby Atmos, this bad boy is perfect for casual media consumption. Get yours through Lenovo's deal and snag it at its second-best price.
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$149 99
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As far as we know, the Tab M9 has been cheaper than now only once. This happened in January when the official store offered the same configuration at 37% off. As you can see, the current markdown isn't too different, though, as it knocks this slate down to its second-best price ever. The cherry on top is that Best Buy, Amazon, and Walmart have no matching offers.

In other words, if you're looking for a super cheap tablet that gets the job done for less than $100, you should consider getting this one. Granted, the job we're talking about doesn't include multitasking or heavy gaming. However, you can still watch movies and TV series, browse the web, and check your email with no issues.

In an era when few Android tablets feature a 3.5mm headphone jack, the Lenovo option retains this reminder of the past. Such a port is undoubtedly handy if you prefer using wired headphones. Another cool thing about the entry-level slate with a 9-inch HD screen is that it supports storage expansion via a microSD card slot.

This MediaTek-powered puppy won't give you the insane capabilities of the Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra. But, once again, if you only require it for video playback and casual web browsing, it should be more than good enough. With its 5,100mAh battery, the Tab M9 (2023) gives you up to 13 hours of video playback, and you also have dual Dolby Atmos-tuned speakers to make your streaming time feel much better.

Should you buy it? Absolutely, so long as you don't expect wonders from its performance. Get one through Lenovo's deal and enjoy your 34% in savings.

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