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Apple quickly deploys new iOS 12 beta (hopefully) fixing grave stability issues

Apple quickly deploys new iOS 12 beta (hopefully) fixing grave stability issues
System stability has almost always been a key strength for iOS devices when compared to their more popular Android rivals, but after an eleventh major software release last year that made headlines with an unusually high number of catastrophic or just super-annoying bugs, Apple decided to focus specifically on that area in iOS 12.

Unveiled more than two months ago and widely expected to complete beta tests in another month or so, the latest OS version for "modern" iPhones and iPads has yet to achieve its main objective.

Luckily, that’s what the Apple Developer Program is for, with the disastrous recent iOS 12 beta 7 update canceled before it could reach the “public” channel, and a (hopefully) much smoother beta 8 already released for testing.

If all goes well this time around, a sixth public beta should follow shortly, although the end is probably not as near as you think for these general iOS 12 release preparations. Keep in mind that Apple issued a grand total of 10 iOS 11 developer beta builds and 9 public betas before deploying the software update to the iPhone and iPad-using masses last year. 

The final experimental release came roughly two weeks ahead of iOS 11’s initial wide-scale rollout on September 19, and we have reason to expect a similar schedule this fall, based on speculation regarding that next-gen iPhone trio. Unfortunately, Group FaceTime capabilities must wait a little while longer.

source: MacRumors


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