Apple pulls half-baked iOS 12 beta, as iPhones lock, freeze and crash

Apple pulls half-baked iOS 12 beta, as iPhones lock, freeze and crash
If you got your hands on the iOS 12 developer beta, and have been religiously updating it over the air until the notorious beta 7, you'd be (fairly) happy to hear that's the reason your phone slugged out. Even on the fast and furious iPhone X the iOS 12 beta 7 update causes unresponsive lock screen, apps that take seconds to start loading, and a laundry list of daily annoyances. That same beta was supposed to release group FaceTime chat features, but that's been postponed for a later date now.

The beta eventually catches up with the memory management or whatever bottleneck it's been causing, and the issues resolve themselves, but instead of leaving you to grind it out, Apple just pulled the beta to investigate the culprit. Long story short, if your iPhone or iPad got slow as molasses while you were thinking you are using the latest and greatest pre-release candidate of Apple's newest iOS 12 update, it's not it, it's them. 

Well, that's why they call it beta, yet we are getting awfully close to the final release in a month or so. Apple has also taken the file off the Update Center database, too, so yours now has a vintage feel to it.

source: MacRumors


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