Bug on iOS 11.1.2. causes some Apple iPhone models to continuously crash starting December 2nd (UPDATE)

Bug on iOS 11.1.2. causes some Apple iPhone models to continuously crash starting December 2nd
UPDATE:Apple has issued iOS 11.2, which solves the date-related crashing issue.

A bug affecting iPhone units around the world running on iOS 11.1.2 is causing the devices to continuously crash once the date changes to December 2nd, and a time-based notification is received. What is setting off this bug are apps with local notifications that send out repeating reminders such as meditation apps Headspace or Calm. Both of these apps push out reminders to users reminding them to take time to meditate. Ironically, apps like these are now bound to cause severe anxiety for those who have them installed on their iPhone. The notifications need to come from within the phone to cause the problem, as opposed to being generated from a server located remotely.

In countries where it is already afternoon on December 2nd, like Australia, Apple Stores have been swamped with iPhone users experiencing the problem. Apple staff members have reportedly told iPhone owners to set the date back a few days, although that can create separate problems for other apps that won't work because the date on the phone won't match the date on these apps' servers. Others are disabling notifications and background refreshes for apps. Reinstalling apps has absolutely no effect, so don't waste your time by doing that.

No doubt, things are at red alert in Cupertino and there is sure to be confusion and panic as the world wakes up to this global iPhone issue. If your iPhone is not crashing over and over again, then you are not affected and you should leave your phone alone. On the other hand, if your handset is crashing, it would seem that the best move is to disable all notifications on apps that send regular reminders. If that doesn't work, moving the date back should be your last resort.

We should hear from Apple during the course of the next few hours. As soon as there is something to tell you about this bug, we will pass it along right away. Keep checking in right here!

source: reddit via MacRumors

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