Here is why the iPhone 14 Max could be the perfect upgrade

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Here is why the iPhone 14 Max could be the perfect upgrade
Apple is expected to drop the mini iPhone from its lineup next year, and shake things up by replacing it with a completely different, yet familiar phone that is rumored to be named "iPhone 14 Max".

This hypothetical iPhone 14 Max that is only being rumored at the moment should feature a 6.7" screen, which the exact same size as the iPhone 12 / 13 Pro Max. But be cautious with the names here: this iPhone 14 Max is not to be mistaken with the iPhone 14 Pro Max, the more expensive and premium model. The non-Pro should offer a similar design and performance power, but without a few of the fancier bells and whistles, and at a lower price point.

But there is one advantage of the iPhone 14 Max that might just make it the perfect upgrade for those looking for a large-screen iPhone. Interestingly, that has everything to do with it being a cheaper phone, but also... with Apple being notoriously stubborn!

So what am I talking about? Well, the sheer weight of the current iPhone 13 Pro Max! Even if you like bigger phones, you would probably object to the 240 grams that it weighs. Apple just keeps on adding bulk to an already extra large phone and just take a look at the evolution of the weight of the Max series:

  • iPhone XS Max — 208g
  • iPhone 11 Pro Max — 226g
  • iPhone 12 Pro Max — 228g
  • iPhone 13 Pro Max — 240g

The latest 13 Pro Max is indeed another big jump in weight, and it's getting out of control and a bit too heavy for comfort, especially if you carry it in a pocket.

There are two reasons behind this massive weight: first is one we cannot object to — Apple has increased the battery size! But there is something else also, as the company insists on using stainless steel for the body, which gives the phone those lush, shiny sides and that elusive "premium" feel.

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That's all good and dandy, but the unfortunate side effect of stainless steel is added weight, and quite a bit of it.

Stainless steel: a blessing or a curse?

Last year's iPhone 12 and 12 Pro help us understand how much weight exactly does using stainless steel add to a phone. The regular iPhone 12 used an aluminum frame, while the 12 Pro featured a stainless steel body, but apart from that these two devices were the same size and featured the same battery size too. Even cases for the two were interchangeable! The only difference was that the Pro had a third camera, but that barely adds to the weight.

With that in mind, take a look at the difference in their weight, which is almost entirely due to one using an aluminum frame, and the other using a stainless steel one:

  • iPhone 12 (aluminum) weight — 164 grams
  • iPhone 12 Pro (stainless steel) weight —189 grams

That is a difference of exactly 25 grams, or nearly an ounce of weight!

So now, taking that information about the weight of stainless steel and multiplying it for the larger 6.7" form factor, let's go back to my point about the iPhone 14 Max, and how it might be the perfect upgrade. As a non-Pro model, expectations are that the iPhone 14 Max will use the lighter-weight aluminum, and just switching from stainless steel on the Pro to aluminum would mean that you get a phone that is probably an ounce lighter, or even more!

That might be a crucial advantage for those who want a big iPhone, but not one that could dig a hole in their pocket with just its sheer weight.

Do you share these concerns over the weight of the iPhone Pro Max stainless steel models that are now getting a bit out of hand? And do you think that a lighter-weight Max model would actually make it more appealing? Looking forward to hearing your thoughts in the comments below!

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