Google shares details about upcoming Spatial Audio for Pixel phones and buds

Google shares details about upcoming Spatial Audio for Pixel phones and buds
After Google dropped a ton of updates for most of its Pixel phones, it would seem like it is on a roll with great updates this holiday season. That being said, Spatial Audio was not among the new arrivals and it’s likely that we won’t get it until next year.

Spatial Audio is targeting users who are in the habit of watching films on their smartphones. The function is intended to increase immersion via providing a cinema-like audio experience for Pixel 6, 6 Pro, 7 and 7 Pro phones and the Pixel Buds Pro.

That being said, Google has shared some details, as reported by 9to5 Google. The info is primarily aimed at shedding some light on what apps will be able to utilize the feature, which is set for a release in January.

From the report, it can be inferred that apps and platforms such as Netflix, YouTube, Google TV, and HBOMax will support the feature. In general, media content which has been mastered for 5.1 or higher audio separation, should work great with it too.

As long as you own the Pixel Buds Pro and are about to watch a film with audio capabilities like the ones described above, then you can also use Head Tracked Spatial Audio. The feature will make you feel as if the film’s soundscape is coming from actual sound sources in the physical space around you, as if in a movie theater.

However, in order to get the best results with head-tracked Spatial Audio, you must ensure that your Pixel is in a stable position, which will allow the Buds Pro to properly adjust soundstaging as you move your head around.

All in all, the feature is headed to the Pixel 6, 7 and their Pro counterparts, and Google’s Buds Pro. If you are using a Pixel phone, you will get static Spatial Audio with any set of earbuds or headphones. If you are looking to use head tracking too, you’ll need the Pixel Buds Pro, which will be able to provide it to any Android smartphone.

As of now, there is no info on phones from the Pixel a-series or regular Pixel buds getting Spatial Audio. However, with the feature being set for roll out during January of 2023, we will likely get info about non-priority devices after Spatial Audio has released.

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