These could be the full and final Google Pixel Fold specs

These could be the full and final Google Pixel Fold specs
Even though it's unlikely that Google will be able to translate the current excitement over the impending first-gen Pixel Fold into impressive sales numbers, there's absolutely no denying that this is by far the most highly anticipated new foldable device.

Yes, more highly anticipated than both the Galaxy Z Fold 5 and Z Flip 5, although that's obviously primarily because Samsung's next big Unpacked event is most likely still a few months away.

Meanwhile, the thoroughly leaked Pixel Fold could be officially "teased" in some fashion or another as early as this Wednesday, April 26, according to the latest information relayed by Front Page Tech's Jon Prosser from a rock-solid source on the inside. A full announcement and pre-order start will then reportedly follow on May 10, with actual availability set to kick off on or around June 27.

Before all of that goes down, however, another relatively reputable tipster is sharing a possible Pixel Fold spec sheet with his Twitter followers (and the entire world) today, seemingly corroborating many of the key details revealed by Prosser (and other sources) while adding a few previously unknown tidbits to the equation.

This is what the Pixel Fold will be all about (allegedly)

  • 7.6-inch primary AMOLED display with QXGA+ resolution and 120Hz refresh rate technology;
  • 5.8-inch secondary AMOLED screen with HD+ resolution and 120Hz refresh rate capabilities;
  • Google Tensor G2 SoC;
  • 12GB RAM;
  • 256/512GB storage options;
  • 48MP OIS + 10.8MP ultra-wide-angle + 10.8MP telephoto rear camera system;
  • 8MP inner camera;
  • 9.5MP cover camera;
  • Android 13 software;
  • 4,500mAh battery with 23W charging support.

We don't know about you, but this writer is not at all shocked by, well, anything on that list. Most of the info is largely in line with our expectations these past few months, also fitting perfectly with Prosser's "predictions" a couple of days back, although it definitely remains to be seen how Google intends to squeeze "beyond 24 hour life" and "up to 72 hours" of endurance in an "extreme battery saver" mode of sorts from a 4,500mAh cell.

That's only 100mAh larger than the battery capacity of Samsung's Galaxy Z Fold 4, which is not exactly an endurance champion, and it falls way short of the 5,000mAh-packing Pixel 7 Pro, which just so happens to support relatively slow (by current Android flagship standards) 23W charging.

Another not-so-encouraging detail listed here is the "HD+" resolution of Pixel Fold's "outer" display, which represents a bit of a downgrade from the 2,092 x 1,080 pixel count (aka FHD+) tipped by Prosser. Of course, the Z Fold 4's secondary screen technically falls into the HD+ category as well, at a resolution of 2316 x 904 pixels, and we're not aware of any big complaints regarding its quality and performance.

Is that all worth $1,800 and up?

That, our friends, remains the million-dollar question, and unless Google has a change of heart at the last minute or all the sources predicting a $1,799.99 starting price prove inaccurate, you'll need to find an answer for yourselves pretty soon.

Keep in mind that there will most likely be two Pixel Fold configurations, with the "entry-level" one offering 256 gigs of local digital hoarding room and a top-of-the-line variant doubling that while keeping the 12GB memory count in place and purportedly fetching $1,919.99.

For what it's worth, Big G is expected to throw in a complimentary Pixel Watch as a nice little deal sweetener for early adopters of both Pixel Fold models (in Chalk and Obsidian colors), and one possible key selling point not mentioned in the above spec sheet will almost surely be the presence of super-handy proprietary software features like Magic Eraser and Photo Unblur.

It's certainly safe to conclude already that the Pixel Fold will make our list of the best foldable phones money can buy in 2023 with relative ease, but eclipsing the incredibly well-reviewed Galaxy Z Fold 4 in terms of usability, versatility, and overall bang for buck might prove a tall order.

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