Pixel 7a might slot above Pixel 7 duo with better cameras and build quality

Pixel 7a might slot above Pixel 7 duo with better cameras and build quality
An unreleased Google Pixel smartphone which was known in rumors as Lynx might actually be the Pixel 7a and not the Pixel Ultra, as some reports had implied. 

In May, a rumor popped up that the flagship Pixel 7 and 7 Pro might be joined by another variant which became known as the Pixel Ultra. While it cannot be said with a reasonable amount of certainty that the Pixel Ultra does not exist, a new report from 9to5Google implies that some rumors that were thought to be about the Pixel Ultra were actually about the Pixel 7a.

Google's a-series phones are stripped-down versions of the flagship models and exist to cater to the midrange market. Google's a-series strategy has been a little inconsistent. The Mountain View company created differentiation between the first two a-range models and their flagship counterparts by equipping them with different chips but they shared the same main cameras. 

The third Pixel a model, the Pixel 5a, had the same core specs and cameras as the Pixel 5, which by the way was more of a midrange device.

The approach was changed again this year, with the Pixel 6a getting the same flagship chip but not the same primary camera as the Pixel 6.

Pixel 7a to not only have a flagship chip, but also better cameras, ceramic body, and wireless charging

Next year's Pixel 7a might slot above the Pixel 7. Google usually cut corners on build material and charging specs to keep the a-series phones affordable but it appears that the company will go all in on the Pixel 7a. Not only will it get both a flagship-level camera array and a high-end chip, but also other specs that are usually reserved for premium devices.

Apparently, the Pixel 7a will be powered by the same Tensor G2 proprietary chip as the Pixel 7 family and it will also have wireless charging, which has so far been a flagship exclusive.

The phone will presumably not only get Pixel 7's 50MP main sensor, but also a higher resolution 13MP ultrawide unit as well as a 64MP telephoto camera. For context, even the Pixel 7 doesn't have a telephoto unit and the Pixel 7 Pro comes with a 48MP telephoto camera. 

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On top of that, the Pixel 7a could be the first Pixel phone to feature premium ceramic material.

These rumors point to a phone better than the Pixel 7, and this is a little hard to digest, considering that the a models are supposed to be budget phones and Google wouldn't want to dilute sales of the Pixel 7, which is doing very well, by introducing a better model mid-cycle, unless it's also planning to explicitly position it as a better model.

Based on the available info, we theorize that perhaps Google will kill off the budget a-series and replace it with an Ultra model to better compete with the likes of the rumored iPhone 15 Ultra and Galaxy S23 Ultra

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