Google's archaic Pixel 4 is still around, fetching an unbeatable price with Android 13 (brand new)

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Google's archaic Pixel 4 is still around, fetching an unbeatable price with Android 13 (brand new)
Can't decide whether to purchase the reasonably priced new Pixel 7 right now or "settle" for the older, even cheaper, and similarly value-packed Pixel 6 or 6 Pro? What if you were to buy the Pixel 4 instead?

That sounds like a decidedly... eccentric idea most Android power users could never entertain even as a joke three whole years after the commercial debut of this 5.7-inch "pure Google" handset. But Woot's latest Pixel 4 deal is certainly no joke, making the device cheaper than ever before and thus definitely worth considering as an alternative to many of the best budget phones available today.

Google Pixel 4

64GB Storage, 6GB RAM, Two Colors, Fully Unlocked, New, 1-Year Manufacturer Warranty
$199 99

For only two Benjamins, you can get brand-new, unused, unopened, undamaged, and fully unlocked non-XL Pixel 4 units with a standard 1-year manufacturer warranty included here, at least if you hurry.

You might think that the advanced age and outdated design will automatically put off most Android purists, hardcore Google fans, and Android lovers in general. But the mere fact that Woot has somehow managed to unearth non-refurbished Pixel 4 devices, selling them at a lower than ever price for 24 hours only, makes this an offer many cash-strapped buyers won't be able to refuse.

This thing runs the latest and greatest version of Android already in stable form, mind you, which is not what we can say about, well, any of today's best mid-range phones, the vast majority of which are available for significantly more than $199.99.

The Pixel 4's hardware specifications, while admittedly outdated, are also not bad (for that price), including a Snapdragon 855 processor, 6GB RAM count, 64 gigs of internal storage space, a... terribly modest 2,800mAh battery, two very solid rear-facing cameras, and a reasonably smooth 90Hz P-OLED 5.7-inch display, all wrapped in a premium combination of glass and metal guaranteed to withstand dust and water immersion.

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