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This may well be your last chance to grab a new Google Pixel 3 XL at a bargain price

This may well be your last chance to grab a new Google Pixel 3 XL at a bargain price
It's hard to think of a 2018-released high-end phone that got more flak than the Pixel 3 XL, but much like the Pixel 4 and 4 XL that came after it, the 6.3-incher doesn't look that bad in retrospect. Strictly from an aesthetic standpoint, the "pure Google" handset is objectively horrifying, with its comically massive notch and unnecessarily large chin, but if you look beneath the surface, you'll find a device that's undeniably better than most new mid-rangers. 

Of course, the $900 list price was a mistake, but to its credit, Google understood and corrected that error relatively quickly, discounting the jumbo-sized phone and its 5.5-inch sibling over and over and over again until the company finally ran out of inventory

The same seems to be true for the overwhelming majority of top US retailers and wireless service providers, but Sprint still has a few units in stock and it is willing to offer them at a bargain price with no strings attached.

Check out the deal here

We're talking no obligatory monthly installments or Flex lease plans, although you do need to activate the Google Pixel 3 XL on the "Now Network" to be able to pay a measly $300 outright for a "Just Black" or "Clearly White" unit. The deal is available for both new and existing Sprint customers looking for an affordable upgrade, and the Snapdragon 845-powered handset can be activated on an Unlimited Kickstart plan fetching only $35 a month with unlimited everything.

You don't have to worry about Sprint's imminent merger with T-Mobile, as you'll probably be migrated to the latter's superior 4G LTE network at absolutely no cost soon... unless the California Public Utilities Commission somehow manages to derail the transaction

At $300, the Pixel 3 XL should be compared to the likes of the Moto G Stylus and Pixel 3a rather than "modern" high-enders with stunning "full screen" designs. Thanks to the aforementioned SoC, an excellent rear-facing camera, decent battery life, and stellar software support, the arguably fugly phone emerges victorious from that comparison, which is why bargain hunters should strongly consider ordering it before Sprint inevitably sells out of the Pixel 3 XL as well.

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