Galaxy Z Flip 5 might score a large square external display, Ice Universe says

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Galaxy Z Flip 5 external display
Popular leakster IceUniverse is amping up the leaks and rumors concerning Samsung's upcoming Galaxy Z Flip 5 handset, which is expected sometime in August 2023 and will likely top our best foldable phones list. According to the leakster, who already revealed that the South Korean giant might put a much larger external screen on its next compact flip phone, this one will have a nearly square aspect ratio.

This would definitely improve the overall functionality of the Galaxy Z Flip 5 in comparison with Samsung's previous Flip phones, which had tiny ticker displays that were only good for basic widgets and information at a glance. But the aspect ratio of the display alone isn't what's about to make it more functional, but the size as well.

IceUniverce also went on to elaborate on their expectations about the Galaxy Z Flip 5's external screen with a somewhat exaggerated screen that covers the rear of the phone fully, with the cameras punching holes at the back. The mockup shared by IceUniverse bears resemblance to the recently leaked next Motorola Razr foldable as well. While this doesn't look like the most sensible and optimal design for Samsung to adopt, we surely will be paying attention to the rumors; when there's smoke, there's fire.

As per IceUniverse's previous leaks on the matter, the Galaxy Z Flip 5 will likely surpass the size of the Oppo Find N2 Flip's external display, which stands at 3.26 inches across. So, something in the vicinity of 3.5 to 4 inches in diagonal is possibly in the cards for Samsung's next compact foldable phone.

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Surely, all of this combined will make it much, much easier to interact with the Galaxy Z Flip 5 even when it's in its folded state. We can imagine a nearly full-blown home screen with optimized versions of your apps, giving you more utility and versatility. For example, you probably will be able to check out the latest in your Instagram feed, see who's tweeted what, as well as reply to emails, and what have you. We wouldn't be surprised if the overall functionality is similar to the Galaxy Z Fold 4's external display, for example, which gives you a fully-blown Android interface to use as you like.

The possible square external display also opens up the possibility for design changes regarding the rear camera setup. Samsung will most certainly have to move these around and even flip them sideways in order to accommodate the larger screen. As a refresher, the Galaxy Z Flip 3 and Galaxy Z Flip 4 employ vertical camera layouts, which fall in line with the design language across Samsung's current phone ranges.

Aside from those, we don't really know too much about the upcoming phone. Previous rumors had it that Samsung could be exploring a new hinge design, which could eliminate the tangible mid-display crease that has been plaguing most Samsung foldable phones until now. Devices like the Oppo Find N2 and the Oppo Find N2 Flip, for example, employ hinges that minimize the display crease, which is beneficial to the overall user experience.

Our expectations are that Samsung would outfit the Z Flip 5 with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 for Galaxy, a slightly tuned-up version of the regular Qualcomm chipset, which delivers excellent performance to fresh Galaxy S23 series. It seems that Qualcomm could be exclusively supplying Samsung's flagships with chips for a while, so things are generally looking good on the performance front for Samsung's next chips. 
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