Will the Galaxy S24 be the smartest phone in 2024? Samsung announces new AI experiences!

Will the Galaxy S24 be the smartest phone in 2024? Samsung announces new AI experiences!
So far, the phone manufacturer best known for implementing artificial intelligence is Google, with Pixel phones having some of the most creative use of AI. Of course, there's also the fact that Google is promoting its use of AI, unlike Apple, which tends to avoid referring to the term "artificial intelligence," instead describing it in other ways.

But 2024 might be the year when the playing field evens out, specifically with AI-powered phones are concerned. Samsung had its 3rd quarter earnings conference call recently, on October 31, and during that call, the company stated it is "working to introduce AI technology as a new experience" in its devices, and that it is planning to start delivering on this promise in 2024. (via BusinessKorea)

Of course, as you might suspect, the most highly suspected culprit to bring along Samsung's AI tech would be the Galaxy S24 series, which is set to be announced sometime in January next year. There is also a possibility the Galaxy Z Fold and Z Flip 6 might be the "lab rats" for Sammy to test out this upgrade, although it would make more sense to include something as big in the flagship lineup.

As for how exactly the tech giant plans to utilize generative AI with its new phones, it is said that the process will be fully on-device, without the need for any internet connection. More specifically, we are talking about generative AI like the famous ChatGPT, but made by Samsung itself, which would supposedly be used for carrying out services via simple commands.

Now, there have been some rumors saying that Apple is also planning on delving into generative AI come 2024, and Google is surely going to lean even further into this technology with its Pixel 9 series, so we are potentially looking at an interesting year for mobile phones, one that could mark a substantial change in the market.

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