Foldable Samsung phone still doesn't have a release date, only 'some details' to be unveiled in November

Foldable Samsung phone still doesn't have a release date, only 'some details' to be unveiled in Nove
Samsung keeps hyping its highly anticipated foldable smartphone, which has reportedly been in the works for the better part of a decade and is finally approaching an official announcement, public demonstration, and subsequent commercial rollout. Or is it?

You may not like the latest development in the never-ending Galaxy F (or Galaxy X) saga, as the world’s largest smartphone vendor insists the company’s “official stance” regarding the launch of this foldable product has “not been confirmed yet.”

Apparently, DJ Koh’s recent statements were misconstrued (or at least that’s what Samsung wants us to believe now), as the Galaxy F (still an unconfirmed name) will not get a proper unveiling in November.

Instead, Samsung will simply “have more to say about the phone under development by that time, probably some details about specifications.” Sounds... vague and uncertain, almost like the company itself doesn’t know exactly what to do with this nearly-finished gadget.

That’s because no one has ever released anything like this before, and although Samsung badly wants to be first, it also wants to make sure there’s actually demand for a no doubt costly, possibly bulky 2-in-1 device of sorts.

Word on the street is that after testing numerous prospective designs, Samsung has ultimately settled on an in-folding product with a 4.6-inch or so screen size when used as a traditional handset and a 7.3-inch footprint in a tablet mode achieved by straightening out the flexible build.

This will most likely have “some details” announced at a San Francisco Developer Conference starting November 7, alongside full info on the Bixby-controlled Galaxy Home smart speaker, and the 2.0 version of the company’s Google Assistant rival.

Afterward, the Galaxy F (or Galaxy X) could hit stores (in limited numbers) sometime next spring... or not. Basically, there’s still nothing set in stone yet.

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