Hello, Bixby: the Galaxy Home speaker is a thing and Samsung just teased it

Hello, Bixby: the Galaxy Home is a thing and Samsung just teased it
We've been hearing about a Bixby-powered "smart speaker" by Samsung for more than a year now. Well, it has finally been... teased?

Yes, it seems Samsung is not ready to reveal all the nitty-gritties about the speaker, or it still needs to fine-tune Bixby 2.0. But still, we got to know what the speaker will be called and that it'll be as dedicated to sounding great as the Apple HomePod is. Here's the quick rundown

The name!

No, thankfully, it's not Magbee as the rumor mill had suggested. In fact, it's called the Samsung Galaxy Home. Maybe a bit generic, but it's instantly recognizable and it certainly explains exactly what Samsung wants the smart speaker to be — the centre of your entire smart home through the Samsung Smart Thungs Hub app.

6 speakers + a subwoofer

It's a peculiarly-shaped round object, lifted on three legs. Looks odd, sure, but we are led to believe that it's all in the name of outstanding sound. With 6 speakers ready to fire in every direction and a woofer firing straight down, the Galaxy Home will, supposedly, be capable to deliver awesome sounds to you, no matter which part of the room you are in.

8 microphones

Not only will the Galaxy Home be able to shoot sound in every direction, it can also hear commands from each point in the room thanks to a total of eight fine-tuned microphones.

Cross-platform listening

Samsung has partnered with Spotify to give you true cross-platform listening. Music playback will jump from your phone, to your Galaxy Home speaker as soon as you enter the room (and confirm the action through a pop-up notification) for a seamless experience.

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Release date?

No idea. Samsung promised that it'll talk more about the Galaxy Home "soon". How soon is that? Apparently, at the next Samsung Developer Conference, which will start on the 7th of November. Could the Galaxy Home be releasing just in time for the holiday season?

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