Xiaomi and Oppo are reportedly working on their own foldable phones too

Xiaomi and Oppo are reportedly working on their own foldable phones too
Xiaomi Mi Mix 2

Kicking off the next trend early next year with its own release, Huawei is reportedly working on the world’s first foldable smartphone. This is then set to be followed by Samsung’s own offering, currently set to be called the Galaxy F. However, if new reports are to be believed, these may not be the only upcoming foldable devices.

At this point, its unclear what kind of launch timeframe should be expected next year, but Xiaomi has reportedly begun development of its own foldable smartphone design and is already working with suppliers. Unlike Huawei and Samsung which are reportedly working on in-folding designs, though, Xiaomi’s variant will reportedly fold outwards, thus offering a much more compact package that has the potential of expanding the display surface significantly. Also, it remains unclear how the Chinese company will choose to price the smartphone. After all, while Samsung’s offering could cost nearly $2,000, Xiaomi has committed to a maximum profit margin of 5% on its smartphones, suggesting its device could significantly undercut rivals.

In addition to Xiaomi, another Chinese company reportedly planning the production of its own foldable smartphone is Oppo, although no exact timeframe has been provided either. Currently, while no information in regards to the design has appeared, a number of recent patents did hint at what could be in the works. On one final note, a price tag on par with that of Samsung is to be expected.

Overall, 2019 is shaping up to be the year of the foldable smartphone with at least four major releases in the works. But, if patent filings are anything to go by, this could increase to a total of six thanks to Motorola and LG. In any case, though, considering how new the technology will be upon launch, each smartphone is expected to be available in limited quantities only.



1. brasstax

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4. Well-Manicured-Man

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Same here. I am a tech guy but I am not buying every new thing that companies come up with. So far, I cannot really see a big use case for a foldable phone with the available technology. Sure, you can fold it but that's basically it. Such a phone will be very thick when folded. You won't be able to fold it as you like but there will be most likely 1 or 2 pre-given folding positions (limited technology). And most importantly, such a phone won't enable you do accomplish a higher goal or so. I am rather interested in having a phone which is powerful enough to replace a simple notebook (for basic office applications) when connected to a dock. This would enable me to carry my notebook around everywhere and I would need a device less.

2. BuffaloSouce unregistered

Multiple cameras and foldable phones are going to be the new trend in 2019...

3. bucknassty

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this should be no surprise

5. CreeDiddy

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I will say it for the record...with the emergence of Xiaomi, Huawei, and possibly Oppo I see flat growth for Samsung Mobile.

6. Well-Manicured-Man

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I see declining market share for Samsung. Samsung Mobile can only lose. The Chinese can only win. For sure, Samsung Mobile’s profits will shrink while Samsung Components’ profits will increase since they sell also to the Chinese.

8. phil2n

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Kpop Market are declining, Chinese market is rising that's for sure. Pantech - Dead LG - Dying Samsung - the only one left standing.

7. Farcaster

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They'll have a questionable product on release, then when Apple or Samsung releases their own foldable phone, they will just copy the concept but make it cheaper with better value components.

9. ishaqthkr

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I'm sure The Oppo Find X is foldable too :p

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