Poll: Voice assistants - do you use them?

Poll: Voice assistants - do you use them?
Ever since I was a kid, I’ve dreamt of a future where you could just tell your robot servants what you want and pretty much get it right away. Every hard science-fiction book or movie employs this concept - people talk to computers, molecular replicators, robots, etc.

My first encounter with a voice command interface was during my Windows XP days, and needless to say - the experience was far from perfect. Now, voice assistants have come a long way and now they can actually be useful - with all the artificial intelligence, machine learning algorithms, and whatnot.

There are four big players on that scene - Apple’s Siri, Google Assistant, Amazon’s Alexa, and Microsoft’s (Halo inspired) Cortana. Of course, we’re focusing on the mobile world and Microsoft isn’t part of it anymore (for better or worse (Surface Duo doesn't count, guys!)). The question today is “Do you use voice assistants, and how often?”

On one hand, most of the things you would ask a voice assistant to do for you can be done much faster if you just use your fingers. On the other hand, voice assistants can be useful when your hands are full or your device is far from you. And then there’s the smart home variant where the robot valet quietly rests inside a smart speaker or monitor.

My personal experience with mobile phones is that I would set up the smart assistant, and then rarely use it. I’m so accustomed to typing and swiping that speaking voice commands out loud is a real nuisance for me. What about you?

Voice assistants - do you use them?

Yes, all the time
I would set one up but then forget about it
Nope, never used one
Other (in the comments)

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