Poll: Best smartphone series of 2021? Samsung wins!

Poll: Best smartphone series of 2021?
UPDATE: Surprisingly, iPhone 13's lead vanished in the last few days of the poll. The winner is Galaxy S21 series! What's even more interesting is that Sony beat OnePlus with its Mark III launch, and the foldable models weren't so exciting, according to the poll results. Well, there you have it - the vox populi. 

The year 2021 is slowly coming to an end, and all the major phone launches are now history. The year kicked off with the Galaxy Unpacked event and the introduction of the new Samsung flagman series - the Galaxy S21.

Then the OnePlus 9 series came along, proudly wearing early spring petals on its shoulders. Poetic interludes aside, the year was packed full of surprises - the radical new Pixel 6 series was starting to show its nose around the internet, and of course, the Apple iPhone 13 series was lurking in the shadows.

It’s all done and dusted now, all the reviews are out, and some of you already own one of these new technology gems. But what is the best of 2021? For some people, the iPhone 13 was a sore disappointment, while others hailed the new lineup with excitement and vigor, native only to hardcore Apple fans.

Sony fans might feel hopeful after some good financial results posted by the Xperia division but Xperia phones are still pretty hard to get even months after the official announcement. Foldable phones became much more affordable with the Galaxy Z Flip 3 series, and the Z Fold 3 is now sporting a camera under its display.

Best smartphone series of 2021?

Apple iPhone 13 series
Samsung Galaxy S21 series
Google Pixel 6 series
Samsung Galaxy Z Fold/Z Flip series
OnePlus 9 series
Sony Xperia 1/5/10 III series
Other (in the comment section)

All pretty amazing stuff, but what is the best smartphone series of 2021? Vote in the poll and share your thoughts in the comments below. We already did a YouTube poll on the subject so it’ll be pretty interesting to see how the results compare between the two.

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