Poll: What would it take for you to leave iPhone for Android? Results are in!

Poll: What would it take for you to leave iPhone for Android? Results are in!
UPDATE: Looking at the results we're getting a glimpse at the reason why Apple is so successful. The iPhone fanbase is pretty loyal, and the main reason is the fact that Apple allows people to use their phones for at least 5 years (or more, potentially). Most of you guys voted "Nothing", and the runner-up being "Five years of updates" shows what Android really needs to do. 

Time to stir the pot! I know that pitting the iPhone against Android is not the best way to have a meaningful and sophisticated conversation but things on the smartphone front are changing extremely fast.

Google launched Android 12 and it’s looking more polished than ever, plus - the company is trying to offer a longer support cycle for its Pixel phones. I was pretty polarized about iOS and Android myself, but testing so many phones led me to the conclusion that there are pros and cons at both camps.

I can see the appeal of having a device that will work for years, no matter what, even though you just can’t get the same level of customization that Android offers. But then again, Android is evolving, and with the Material You design philosophy Google is trying to offer something unique to Android users.

It’s a tough call - some say that Apple is lagging behind in innovation, but on the other hand, iPhone devices are still the fastest and most powerful out there. And to make matters worse, there are the foldables. You can’t get one with iOS on, at least for now. If you want to get a taste of it there are two options - go Android or wait indefinitely.

What would make you leave iPhone for Android?

Android 12 and its new features
The Pixel 6 series
iPhone lagging behind
The price
Five years of updates
Better security/optimization
Foldable phones
Other (in the comments below)

So, let us know what you think. What would be the main reason for you to leave your precious iPhone and wander into the Android jungle?

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