Clubhouse coming to Android amid drop in popularity due to competition

Clubhouse coming to Android amid drop in popularity due to competition
For those wondering, Clubhouse is not a new sandwich at your local restaurant (although it could be). The app presents users with the opportunity to hold live events, except in an audio format. Think of it as a live podcast - it's practically the same idea. It's been used by many notable people in tech and celebrities like Mark Zuckerberg and Elon Musk.

The app managed to gain some momentum in the past few months, but it was limited to iOS on iPhone & iPad. In fact, it still is. However, this is about to change as the company has officially announced the beta testing program, which will lead to the release of the full version of Clubhouse very soon! This isn't a public beta, meaning you can't download and test it for yourself, but luckily there are people who'll do it instead.

Unfortunately for Clubhouse, the competition is also growing in popularity. Twitter Spaces and Telegram are available on Android right now. Furthermore, there're rumors about Slack and Spotify joining the party soon, which is to be expected. The only major players out of the game are currently Apple and Amazon, but we won't be surprised if they are working on similar services.

According to a Sensor Tower research (via Business Insider), Clubhouse managed 922,000 downloads worldwide in April 2021. Compared to the 2.7 million downloads in March and 9.6 million downloads in February, that's a massive drop in performance.

It's unfortunate to see Clubhouse fall victim to the intense competition coming from the big dogs, but that's the world we live in. It's the "David and Goliath" story of social media, which we've seen before. 

A few pioneering apps like Spotify (music streaming) and TikTok (short-video sharing) have managed to survive the competition of companies like Apple (Apple Music) and Instagram (Instagram Reels). Let's see if Clubhouse can pull off a comeback, or rather Vine it.

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