Spaces, Twitter's answer to Clubhouse, is coming

Twitter Spaces
If anyone were to launch an alternative to the Clubhouse app, it makes sense that it would be Twitter, king of sharing wordly wisdom online. And it's done just that: instead of tweeting your thoughts all the time, you can now put them to the mic in a new app called Spaces. Twitter made the announcement in a Twitter Space itself (which you can only access on mobile OS, not on the website just yet).

In its full-blown alpha version to be launched on iOS and Android next month, Spaces will allow you to host your own audio chatroom to hang out with friends or make new ones. Also, unlike Clubhouse, it's going to allow you to record clips and either Tweet or DM them. Spaces is also branching out with features like Super Follows, which lets you into a kind of paid VIP club for special content from your favorite "creators."

At the moment, Spaces is still available for download on iOS and Android, but because it's still in the beta version, you can only join already existing chatrooms created by Twitter. In order to create your own custom audio hubs, you will have to wait for the full version to come out in April. 

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