Do we miss Vine?

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Do we miss Vine?
On January 17th, 2017, people worldwide bid Vine farewell. It was a video-based social media, which only allowed you to post videos of up to 6 seconds — sort of what you'd expect to get if YouTube and Twitter had a child. In any case, the restricting time constraint made for a different type of media — one that usually relied on quick doses of shock humor in order to garner any attention. But hey, it's arguable that Vine clips were the inspiration behind Instagram's video feature — from its initial 8-second limitation to the way it works now — so, some positive things from Vine still live on.

Ultimately, however, Vine couldn't monetize its content well enough to stay afloat, so it went bye-bye. It's been almost a year now. Most "famous" viners made the transition to YouTube, or are re-labeling themselves as Instagram comedians — now, that's an example of accidental comedy right there.

In any case, we wondered — do we miss Vine?


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