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Google's latest and greatest Chromecast is finally getting Apple TV+

Google's latest and greatest Chromecast is finally getting Apple TV+
Just in case you were wondering why Apple TV+ continues to show such sluggish growth more than a year after its timid commercial debut in a Netflix-dominated market, Google is today offering one of many possible explanations.

Unveiled nearly five months ago, the search giant's feature-packed Chromecast with Google TV is only now getting official Apple TV support, which obviously includes easy access to Cupertino's late 2019-released video streaming platform.

While it's not entirely clear which of the two tech giants is more to blame for this inexplicable delay, you have to assume Apple TV+ needs Google TV more than the other way around. The latter, by the way, is the somewhat confusing name of the user interface pre-installed on the latest Chromecast device, which is not to be confused with Android TV.

Speaking of, however, the Apple TV app where the TV+ service resides is also headed for Google TVs from Sony and TCL, as well as "more Android TV-powered devices in the coming months." All of these expansions are following in the footsteps of Xbox and PlayStation 5 rollouts last fall, proving Apple remains serious about its (unlikely) ambitions of giving Netflix and Disney a run for their money... eventually.

If you're the happy owner or a prospective buyer of a $49.99 Chromecast with Google TV, you should know the Apple TV app is easily accessible from the Apps tab or the apps row in the For you tab starting today. Naturally, you'll need a premium Apple TV+ subscription to enjoy all its perks and benefits, like Family Sharing, personalized and curated recommendations, Apple TV channels, and most importantly, a still-modest but slowly growing library of award-winning original shows, movies, and documentaries.

We're talking everything from the Golden Globe-nominated hit sitcom "Ted Lasso" to critically acclaimed drama series "The Morning Show" and "Servant", as well as feature films including the war epic "Greyhound", starring Tom Hanks, and Justin Timberlake vehicle "Palmer." If that doesn't sound like much, the good news is Apple TV+ is at least a lot cheaper than Netflix, at $4.99 a month (after a free 7-day trial), with 4K support included.

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