Boost Mobile continues 'carrier-crushing' quest with dirt-cheap unlimited 5G plan

Boost Mobile continues 'carrier-crushing' quest with dirt-cheap unlimited 5G plan
When Boost Mobile unveiled its catchily branded Carrier Crusher program last month, the promise was that the prepaid operator would roll out "many" unique plans designed to give the industry's "big three" a run for their money this holiday season.

Said promise is today materializing in the form of an unlimited 5G offer that Boost claims will help save new and existing customers more than 50 percent compared to the nation's "largest carriers." But while that might be technically true, it's obviously not as easy as it looks at first glance to get unlimited talk, text, and 4G LTE/5G data on the Dish-owned MVNO (mobile virtual network operator) for a measly $25 a month.

That's because this is actually not a monthly plan, instead requiring you commit to Boost Mobile for an entire year and pay that full bill right off the bat. If our math is correct, that means you'll need to cough up a grand total of 300 bucks upfront, which may sound like a lot... until you compare it with the monthly costs of some of the competition's top 5G unlimited options.

$300 equates to less than four months of Verizon service, for instance, on the Play More and Do More unlimited plans, and things are not radically different for T-Mobile or AT&T subscribers either seeing as they have to pay $70 and $75 a month for a single Magenta and Unlimited Extra line respectively.

Obviously, there aren't a lot of annual alternatives to Boost's hot new Carrier Crusher plan available today, although AT&T does charge exactly $300 for a full year of... 8 gigs of high-speed data a month. 

Believe it or not, Boost Mobile also throws in 12GB hotspot data (presumably, every month) to further sweeten the latest yearly deal and fend off longtime ally suddenly turned arch-enemy T-Mobile. T-Mo, by the way, can hook up its prepaid customers with a comparatively modest 5.5GB data for $25 a month, so it's probably a good idea to consider Boost if you can spare $300 all at once.

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