Black Friday Galaxy deals 2022: the event is over but some deals are still available

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Black Friday Galaxy deals 2022: Galaxy S22 Ultra now under $900!
Black Friday 2022 weekend is now officially over. In this article, we have left the deals that are still available on Samsung devices for you in case you're late to the party. Many of the deals we saw are still live and may continue on throughout the next few days.

You can trade-in at the official Samsung website and get a Galaxy Z Fold 4 at up to $1,350 off or the Galaxy S22 Ultra for under $400! Other offers without a requirement for a trade-in are also available, just make sure you act quick as we don't know how much longer these deals will last!

Best Samsung phone deals currently available

Whether you want the stylus-packing productivity beast that is the Galaxy S22 Ultra, or a trendy folding phone like the clamshell Galaxy Z Flip 4, or perhaps a practical Galaxy S21 FE, you'll likely find what you're looking for at a discount right now:

Galaxy S22 Ultra — $825 price cut at Samsung (with a trade-in)

The 128 GB Galaxy S22 Ultra can go for as low as $374.99 if you have something to trade-in at Samsung. Otherwise, the price will be $974.99. Still much cheaper than MSRP, but if you are looking for a straight-up discount with no trade-in — look below for better offers!
$374 99
$1199 99
Buy at Samsung

Galaxy S22 Ultra (128GB) — 25% off at Amazon!

Samsung's best phone, the S22 Ultra, is currently enjoying a great $300 discount at Amazon, bringing the price down to just $899.99 for this beast of a phone! You also get one of the best cameras on a phone with a 108MP main sensor and the latest and most powerful Qualcomm processor which ensures flawless performance no matter what you throw at it. You also get 8K camera and video and extra-bright and beautiful AMOLED display.

Galaxy S22 Ultra: save $200 now at Best Buy with carrier activation

The stylus-packing, big productivity beast by the name of Galaxy S22 Ultra has gotten a generous $300 price cut at Best Buy. This is a stellar deal, because you are not bound to a carrier, and you also don't need to provide an eligible trade-in in order to benefit from this deal! However, if you still wish to swap your old phone for the Galaxy S22 Ultra, Best Buy has trade-in discounts that you can get on top of this Black Friday one for the most savings ever. Things are glorious now for S22 buyers!
$999 99
$1199 99
Buy at BestBuy

Galaxy S22+ gets a huge $650 price cut at Samsung (with a trade-in)

The Galaxy S22 Plus gives you more screen and battery, but usually at the cost of some extra bucks. With this Black Friday deal from Samsung, you can have it for 65% less than its original price provided you have an eligible trade-in. The situation here is the same as the S22 Ultra deal that's above. Without a trade-in, you save instantly up to $150. Trade-in gives you up to $500 off, and cracked-screen trade-in - up to $310 off! What more can you ask for, we wonder! Don't miss out!
$349 99
$999 99
Buy at Samsung

Samsung Galaxy S22+ 128GB version 25% off deal on Amazon

This deal cuts the price of Samsung's Plus-sized flagship by 25%. This is for the 128GB model. Get 8K super steady video, nighttime photography with portrait mode, the latest Qualcomm flagship processor, and long-lasting battery life. All in all, you can now get a powerful Samsung flagship for mid-range money - act while the deal is still live and stock is available!

Verizon Galaxy S22+ with $500 eGift card

Walmart is now bundling the Galaxy S22+ with a $500 eGift card to spend on anything within the shop you desire.

Galaxy S22+ gets a $150 discount at Best Buy with activation

There's a massive $150 discount going on for several Galaxy S22+ variants in different colors. Best Buy also offers discounts for people who want to trade-in their old phone - with a trade-in, you get even more savings (you can check the value of your old device from Best Buy's website). On top of it all, you get a 4 month free trial of Amazon Music Unlimited (new subscribers only).
$749 99
$999 99
Buy at BestBuy

Samsung Galaxy S22 128GB model scores 14% discount!

The base Galaxy S22, which is one of the best compact phones on the market right now, is currently being sold at Amazon with a 14% price cut! You get all the goodies of a flagship (powerful processor, flawless performance, versatile camera, reliable battery life, premium design, and more!) in a small package, which is an absolute rarity by today's standards! Deal is yours with no trade-in or carrier contract requirements! Go now!

Get the Galaxy S22 at $100 off at Best Buy with carrier activation

Save $100 by Samsung's Galaxy S22 flagship via this Black Friday deal, courtesy of Best Buy! You can also save extra if you trade-in a phone with Best Buy. With your purchase, you get to enjoy 4 months of Amazon Music Unlimited (only for new subscribers, so keep that in mind), and of course, all the bells and whistles of Samsung's reining flagship series of phones.
$699 99
$799 99
Buy at BestBuy

Galaxy S22 with a $475 discount at Samsung!

The Galaxy S22 is arguably one of the best compact phones on the market right now, and you can have the base model for as little as $324.99 at the moment, as long as you have an eligible trade-in. This comes as a simply stunning Black Friday deal at Samsung. You have no trade-in? Worry not - Samsung's got you covered. You get up to $150 off even without swapping a phone. Your old phone's screen is cracked? Well, Samsung can give up to $235 for a cracked device. You always win! Don't miss out!
$324 99
$799 99
Buy at Samsung

Galaxy Z Fold 4 receives a massive $1350 discount at Samsung! (with a trade-in)

The world's best phone for productivity, Galaxy Z Fold 4, usually costs a lot of money, but with this Black Friday deal and an eligible trade-in device you can have it for just $569.99 (with a trade-in)! And this is the big boy 512GB model! Lots of storage for everything you may want to download and keep on the phone. If you don't want to trade-in a device, Samsung still slashes a sweet $450 OFF the price.
$569 99
$1919 99
Buy at Samsung

Galaxy Z Fold 4 — $400 markdown on Amazon

The Fold 4 is probably the most advanced folding phone on the market right now, and it usually costs a lot, but Black Friday has got you covered with this solid deal at Amazon. Now, without trading in or picking a new plan with your carrier, you can enjoy stunning multitasking, powerful performance, and a fast and reliable S Pen experience for way less than you would without this offer. Don't hesitate, time is running out!

Galaxy Z Flip 4 drops to just $309.99 at Samsung (requires trade-in)

Arguably the world's trendiest phone right now can be yours for much less if you have an eligible trade-in device! This Black Friday offer from Samsung is for the 256GB Z Flip 4, dropping the price by up to a whopping $750! Basically, you can get up to $600 off with an enhanced trade-in. Samsung also guarantees $150 off trade-in credit for any condition Samsung Galaxy devices (epic, isn't it!). Don't miss out on this deal, it is going to expire soon!
$309 99
$1059 99
Buy at Samsung

Galaxy S21 FE 5G is now truly a steal with a $450 discount! (trade-in)

Samsung has a Black Friday offer on the Galaxy S21 FE (Fan Edition) 5G, bringing its price down by $450! This is the unlocked version with 128GB of storage. A great phone for its usual price, an even better one if you have a trade-in right now. Basically, you get $100 off instantly and up to $350 enhanced trade-in credit with this offer. Get up to $255 enhanced trade-in credit on Cracked device (conditions on Samsung's website).
$249 99
$699 99
Buy at Samsung

Galaxy S21 FE — 15% off

The Fan Edition of the Galaxy S21 is still discounted at Amazon at the moment. It comes with a 120Hz screen refresh rate, a great camera system for its price, good battery life, and this version in particular has 128GB of storage.

Straight Talk Galaxy S21 FE, $300 OFF

The Galaxy S21 FE is available for midrange money with a Straight Talk SIM right now. This phone was launched about a month before the S22 line. It cuts some bells and whistles and comes in a plastic body, but delivers where it matters — screen, camera, and performance.

Galaxy S21 Ultra certified renewed: save $325 right now at Samsung

Samsung's Black Friday deals continue on with slightly older Galaxy S21 Ultra. It may be a year old, but it's still as mighty and as powerful as one'd expect from a flagship Samsung device. It comes from Samsung's certified renewed store.

Galaxy Note 20 certified renewed: from $275 at Samsung right now!

Get a certified renewed Galaxy Note 20 from Samsung for crazy-cheap right now with this great Black Friday deal! You get $150 off, and if you have a trade-in phone, right now you get enhanced trade-in credit up to $275!

Galaxy Z Fold 3: starting from $789.99 at Samsung (with trade-in)

Get the 2021's Galaxy Z Fold 3 at a big discount from Samsung with this great Black Friday deal. With enhanced trade-in, you get up to $410 off. Even without trade-in, the phone starts at $1,199.99! Epic deal, simply epic!
$789 99
$1799 99
Buy at Samsung

Galaxy A53 5G down to $349.99 at Amazon

The Galaxy A53 5G edition can also be had at the same great price on Amazon. A $100 off on this budget super star is nothing to scoff at and a perfectly legit steal.

Galaxy A32 5G 64GB (T-Mobile) price cut by $100 at Best Buy

The Galaxy A32 5G might be an older phone, but it comes with 5G for faster connectivity and is discounted hugely this Black Friday.

Galaxy A03 Verizon-prepaid - 25% discount at Best Buy

The words dirt cheap phone might sound like an insult, but in the case of this super affordable Galaxy A03 they are actually a compliment. It's a Galaxy that works pre-paid on Verizon and it costs less than a Benjamin.
$89 99
$119 99
Buy at BestBuy

Are the Black Friday Samsung phone deals worth it?

Yes, Black Friday deals on Samsung phones are definitely worth it! And good news that most of these offers have stayed up for Cyber Monday too. Galaxy phones usually enjoy massive price cuts during sale events, but even more so during the Black Friday sales season.

On top of Samsung's own offers with its enhanced trade-in program, all the major retailers like Best Buy, Amazon and Walmart have worthy Samsung phone deals. Handsets like the Galaxy S22 Ultra or Galaxy Z Fold 4 that typically cost north of $1,000 are getting super-deep price cuts, making them much more obtainable. Either that, or you can upgrade to the next storage tier and pay much less!

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