Walmart Cyber Monday deals: recap

Walmart Cyber Monday deals
This year's Black Friday seamlessly transformed into Cyber Monday at Walmart. Essentially, this means you could save on the same items that were discounted during the Friday event. 

Walmart's entire portfolio of products got substantial markdowns at this year's Cyber Monday. In the tech department, we saw major discounts on hot new releases like the iPhone 15 Pro, tempting markdowns on headphones, and equally impressive promotions on smartwatches. Many tablets, including the Galaxy Tab S6 Lite also received some discount love, making it a no-miss for Android fans on a budget.

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Cyber Monday deals on phones at Walmart

Apple iPhone 15 Pro

Apple iPhone 15 Pro

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As mentioned, almost all of the deals we saw on Black Friday remained live on Cyber Monday as well, helping shoppers upgrade to a new phone on the cheap. For Apple fans, the iPhone 15 Pro was arguably the best choice. This smartphone was available alongside a $300 eGift card. 

We also saw some discounts on refurbished and prepaid models. A Straight Talk-locked iPhone 13 Pro Max, for example, was available at $100 off during the event, while a restored iPhone 13 mini retailed at $111 off. Indeed, Cyber Monday 2023 was a great time to get an iPhone!

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 5

The Good

  • Larger Flex Screen is better than before
  • Solidly built, almost no wobble in the hinge
  • First Flip phone with Snapdragon 8 Gen 2
  • Long 4-year software update commitment
  • Better camera than competition, but still not great

The Bad

  • Flex Screen feels limited and unfinished
  • Phone is pricey
  • Battery life and charging speeds are just average
  • Some dust protection would be nice to have

We saw some impressive discounts in the Android department this Cyber Monday at Walmart. There was a pretty impressive discount on the amazing Galaxy Z Flip 5. During the event, this puppy could be yours at a $235 cheaper price. There was also a Straight Talk-locked Galaxy A54 available. This one landed well under the $150 barrier, as Walmart allowed you to get it at half off! 

Google Pixel 8

Google Pixel 8

The Good

  • Crazy-smart AI features
  • 7 years of software updates!
  • Pro-level display
  • Powerful camera system
  • You get a lot for the price
  • Good battery life

The Bad

  • Lower performance compared to competition
  • Battery charging still leaves room for improvement
  • Audio quality could be better
  • No dedicated telephoto camera

The incredible Google Pixel 8 didn't make an appearance at this year's event. On the bright side, we saw older models boasting some impressive markdowns. For instance, the incredible Pixel was discounted by 12%, while a renewed Pixel 6 Pro could be yours at 44% off its price tag.

Cyber Monday Walmart offers on Android tablets and iPads

Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra

Samsung Galaxy Tab S9 Ultra

The Good

  • Large, beautiful screen
  • Thin but durable body
  • Comes with S Pen, which is excellent
  • Great audio
  • Can run DeX autonomously
  • IP68 water- and dust-resistance

The Bad

  • Size and thin bezel makes it harder to carry and work in-hand
  • Expensive accessories, keyboard could be better
  • Software ecosystem still missing some serious offerings for pro work

This year, the latest flagship tablet series by Samsung didn't receive any substantial discounts from Walmart. However, we saw the slightly older but just as impressive Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra sporting a $120 lighter price tag, whereas the vanilla Galaxy Tab S8 was even cheaper, sold at $180 off.

Apple iPad 10.2-inch (2021)

Apple iPad 10.2-inch (2021)

The Good

  • The full iPadOS experience at a low cost
  • TrueTone display
  • 64 GB base storage
  • Has a headphone jack
  • Dependable battery life

The Bad

  • Dated design
  • One-sided speakers
  • Lightning port
  • Non-laminated screen
  • Camera is not great

The Apple iPad 10.2-inch was cheaper as well. This year, you could get this 2021-released slate at a $80 cheaper price. For Windows fans, the ultimate choice was the Microsoft Surface Go 3. At this year's event, Walmart allowed shoppers to save $100 on this fantastic device. 

Cyber Monday discounts on smartwatches

Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Classic (47mm)

Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 Classic (47mm)

The Good

  • Superb design with a rotating bezel
  • Large and bright display
  • Very decent battery life
  • Excellent value
  • Lots of features and functionalities

The Bad

  • Some of its best features are limited to Galaxy devices
  • New latch mechanism is too stiff, bands are a bit hard to swap
  • A bit too big and heavy, not comfortable to wear at night

During Cyber Monday, we saw generous discounts on premium Samsung Galaxy smartwatches. One excellent example is the recently released Galaxy Watch 6 Classic, which was  available with a $90 discount. The fantastic Galaxy Watch 5 Pro was a superb choice for those who wanted a conventional smartwatch with long battery life on a bargain. Walmart retailed this bad boy at $80 off, making it a real treat.

The Apple Watch SE was a suitable alternative for Apple fans. This device was available at 65% off, but the deal expired quite quickly. In the realm of fitness trackers, the incredible Garmin Fenix 7X Solar was available for $320 less than usual.

Cyber Monday deals on headphones and earbuds

Cyber Monday saw plenty of jaw-dropping discounts in the world of earbuds and headphones, too. Those who wanted to complete their ecosystem on the cheap could save big on the latest and greatest over-ear headsets, such as the Sony WH-1000XM5. These headphones were available at an 18% cheaper price. The amazing Beats Studio Pro were up for grabs at 25% off, while the Pixel Buds Pro were 37% off. 

In addition, we also saw some JBL earbuds at lower prices. The Galaxy Buds 2 Pro were a treat for Samsung fans. These earbuds could be yours at $70 off.

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When do Walmart Cyber Monday phone deals start?

The sales have now started. Actually, the deals started earlier than the official Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend. Officially, the Cyber Monday sales start on the Monday after Black Friday, which this year is November 27. However, all the retailers, including Walmart, launched a plethora of deals early and those have now moved on to becoming Cyber Monday offers. Great times we live in!

Are Walmart Cyber Monday phone deals worth it?

Yes and no - depending on which carrier you're on. Actually, Walmart deals on phones are on pre-paid models or carrier-locked ones. If the carrier that the deal is associated with happens to be your carrier or a carrier you'd like to switch on, than you're in luck and you get to enjoy a generous discount.

Cyber Monday is not what it once was, as consumer electronics are one of the most sought-after gifts on Black Friday and permeate our every existence these days, so there is no need for a special "Cyber" anything to want a deal on them. Still, out of nostalgia or habit, Walmart and other retailers often dedicate the Monday after Black Friday to shopping for electronics, phones included, although its strength lies in prepaid and their handset roster. It's Straight Talk and Cricket Kingdom at Walmart, but flagship phones are at a discount there as we speak, too.

Are iPhones and Galaxy phones unlocked at Walmart?

More than 80% of Americans buy their phones through one of the major carriers in the country but in recent years there's been a change looming. More and more people are exploring different ways to acquire their new phone, including at retailers like Walmart and this simply means that people need unlocked phones that are able to work on all the carriers.

Fortunately, the most popular phone brands in the US - the iPhones, Samsung Galaxies, and Google Pixels - come with unlocked versions that are sold outside of carrier stores and Walmart is no exception, unless you are specifically shopping for a carrier model in its wireless division.

Qualcomm and other cellular modem manufacturers have gotten the hold of packing dozens of LTE and 5G bands into a single chip. Smartphone manufacturers are starting to ride the wave and offer unlocked phones that work with any US cellular network out of the box, including with Verizon's peculiar mmWave coverage.
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