Apple's lower-cost iPhone XR has no apparent durability issues, rigorous test reveals

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Now that we know exactly what lies beneath the surface of Apple’s “affordable” new iPhone XR, it’s time to talk a little bit more about the colorful design of the 6.1-incher. Specifically, its apparent robustness and presumed durability.

Enter none other than professional smartphone destroyer, popular YouTuber, and, well, Apple hater Zack Nelson from JerryRigEverything, who may not be able to physically harm this arguably overpriced iOS handset, but whose words often hurt more than his signature bend tests.

By the way, the iPhone XR naturally passes that examination with flying colors, proving to be just as structurally sound as its costlier siblings. In terms of scratch resistance, there’s also no noticeable difference between this LCD panel and the sharper AMOLED on the XS and XS Max.

Furthermore, everything that’s not made of glass is sturdy metal, making an unbearable sound when scratched, but otherwise looking very promising from a durability standpoint. The front top, bottom, and sides of the phone are all anodized metal, and all the buttons, grills and the earpiece are also impressively solid at a first glance.

So what exactly is wrong with the iPhone XR? A number of things, according to Nelson, but very few of them actually related to the handset’s build quality. For instance, in case common sense is not your forte, you should remember to avoid direct flame contact. Also, the rear camera lens is not as scratch-proof as Apple advertises, but that’s nothing new.

Basically, if you don’t mind the low-res screen and high price, you’ll probably want to get this thing. Durability is clearly not an issue... as long as you keep that precious glass out of harm’s way.

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