iPhone XS Max deemed more of the same in rigorous durability test (Video)

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If you care about durability and you’re still not sure you should upgrade from last year’s iPhone X to the hot new XS or XS Max, fret not, as torture expert Zack Nelson from YouYube channel JerryRigEverything is here to... tear Apple a new one.

Don’t worry, the extra-large iPhone XS Max does not snap in half like the iPhone 6 all those years ago, but apart from acing a rather useless burn test, there’s not much to justify that extravagant retail price and outright bonkers official repair costs

Not as far as this popular YouTuber is concerned, who also doesn’t shy away from bashing Apple for its dongle profit-reaping tactics and general disregard of customer desires. Obvious bias aside, Nelson gives credit where credit is due while proving some of Cupertino’s marketing claims simply don’t mean much out in the real world.

That “sapphire” crystal lens cover, for instance, is described as “impure” and proven to be significantly more susceptible to scratches as the “pure” sapphire protection of certain (dumb) Swiss-made watches. 

Basically, the iPhone XS Max rear camera is about as tough as a conventional shooter found on the back of many Android flagships, which are typically advertised as glass-protected. 

Speaking of glass, there’s not much factual evidence, at least not yet, to support Apple’s pompous assertion that the iPhone XS and XS Max come with the “most durable glass” out there. So, yeah, it’s probably a good idea to slap a screen protector and decent case on this bad boy. 

Obviously, there are also a lot of things to love about the iPhone XS Max build quality, starting with an “impressive” and difficult to scratch stainless steel frame. All the buttons are made from robust metal, and the overall feel is as “premium” as you’d expect. Just don’t expect anything special or groundbreaking in any way from a durability standpoint.

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