Latest Apple patch fixes annoying bugs on iPhone, Apple Watch

Apple fixes b iPhone and Apple Watch bugs with latest updates
Apple has just released the latest patch for iPhone and Apple Watch, taking care of some outstanding bugs that have been annoying users for a while.

iOS Version 15.1.1: No more dropped calls

The update for the iOS update version 15.1.1, particularly, has fixed a pretty serious issue that has manifested itself every iPhone model since 2020: namely the iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Max, and the iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13, iPhone 13 Pro, and iPhone 13 Pro Max.

The patch notes published by Apple are far from elaborate. They simply state that "iOS 15.1.1 improves call drop performance on iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 models," without going into any further detail about what the update will include.

The iOS 15.1.1 download size is quite a hefty monster, however. It appears to be 384.9 MB on the iPhone Pro (as confirmed by Ars Technica), which does seem to be rather bulky for such a seemingly minute fix. However, it likely also contains smaller optimizations that Apple simply deemed too insignificant to type up in layman's terms for us.

If you're someone who has been experiencing the widespread issue of dropped calls while using any of the above handsets, this should at least set your mind at ease that the issue has been taken care of for a smooth calling experience here on out. 

The update is already available on all of the iPhone 12 and 13 series, so you can go ahead and download it now from Settings > General > Software Update.

WatchOS Version 8.1.1: No more charging problems

Apple's latest update for its wrist wearables is catered to the Apple Watch Series 7, which has been experiencing bothersome charging issues. Particularly, the Apple Watch would simply cease charging at random times and fail to start again. 

The issue could be related to simply non-perfected software for the watch's new fast-charging feature, which users are loving and which did not exist on any previous models.

All Apple had to say about this watchOS update was that "watchOS 8.1.1 fixes an issue where Apple Watch Series 7 may not charge as expected for some users." 

While this is about as exciting as this dual update rollout gets, Apple has already seeded the iOS 15.2 beta—which is set to add a Macro Photography mode to the iPhone 13 Pro and the Pro Max, an App Privacy Report in iPhone settings, and plenty more.
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