Snatch the Anker 535 portable power station at its best price on Amazon while you can

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Snatch the Anker 535 portable power station at its best price on Amazon while you can
For a short while, Amazon treats all campers to an irresistible offer on an incredible portable power station, the Anker 535. This 512Wh PowerHouse can usually set you back as much as $500. Thanks to Amazon's brilliant promo, however, you get to save $151 (30%) on it!

Grab the Anker 535 at its best price and save $151

The amazing Anker 535 portable power station is now a dream come true for any camper. For a short while, Amazon lets you save $151 on this 512Wh solar generator, knocking it to its best price. The deal won't stay live for too long, so make sure you act on it fast.
$499 99
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535 Powerhouse + Anker 625 100W solar panel: now 34% off!

If you want to ensure your 512Wh solar generator can be recharged from anywhere, bundle it with the Anker SOLIX PS100 (Anker 625) solar panel. This exciting combo also arrives at its best price on Amazon. For a limited time, you can save $271 on this bundle, which equates to $271 in savings!
$799 99
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In case you're wondering, this compact station is now available at its best price at the merchant, though not for the first time. Even so, if you plan to go camping soon (or would appreciate a backup power source), now's a great time to ensure you can keep your essentials running without breaking the bank. Keep in mind that Walmart has the same offer on the solar generator, selling it for 30% off its list price.

What this seller doesn't have, however, is a discount on the 535 power station with its compatible Anker 625 solar panel. Fortunately, Amazon has one, offering the combo at its lowest price and saving you $271! The 512Wh PowerHouse supports up to 120W solar input, and the 100W panel can become its indispensable companion.

With its ultra-long lifespan of 10 years and an intelligent temperature control system, the Anker portable power station is made to pass the test of time with flying colors. The 512Wh PowerHouse also arrives with a five-year Anker warranty for your peace of mind.

But is it good enough to deserve your attention for as many as 10 years? Well, it should be! It delivers 716Wh total output and features four AC outlets, three USB-A (12W max), a single 60W max USB-C port, and a 12V standard Cigarette Lighter port.

With a shared 500W output, the AC outlets aren't suitable for power-hungry appliances like coffee machines, hair dryers, etc. Still, you can seamlessly power a 40W mini-fridge for over 10 hours, watch TV (105W) for over four hours, or run your Wi-Fi router for 31.1 hours. Moreover, you can charge an iPhone (roughly 33 times) or juice up your laptop's battery seven times.

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While it's not among the most fast-charging stations on the market, this Anker generator is still no slouch in that respect! You should be able to juice up the battery to 80% with the SOLIX PS100 solar panel in about two hours and a half. Charging via USB-C is also available here! With the in-box adapter, the battery reaches 80% in 2.5 hours.

Is this the power station you need? That's a question we can't answer, unfortunately. What we can say for sure is that it's ideal for users who don't need power-hungry appliances running. And you can now get the Anker 535 at its best price! Isn't that awesome?

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