All 2021 foldable phones leak, Google Pixel Fold to sport the Z Fold 3 display size indeed

All 2021 foldable phones leak, Google Pixel Fold to sport the Z Fold 3 display size indeed
Mentioned casually in an Elec industry report about the switch from polyimide film to ultrathin cover glass (UTG) for basically all upcoming foldable phones from Chinese makers like Oppo, Honor, or Huawei, is the size of the Google Pixel Fold's screen, too.

The leak corroborates the display diagonal of Google's foldable phone to be 7.6 inches, or, exactly as big as the internal display of the Galaxy Z Fold 3. That's the second time we've heard that Google Pixel Fold, or whatever it gets named, will have a 7.6" panel, and it makes total sense, given that the supply order has reportedly been given to Samsung.

Galaxy Z Fold 3 will have hefty foldable competition in 2021, and not only by the Google Pixel Fold

The report also lists all other upcoming foldable phones in 2021/2022, and it's a smorgasbord:

  • Honor Magic Fold: 8.03" internal and 6.45" external BOE displays
  • Xiaomi Mi Mix Fold 2: 8.01" internal and 6.52" external Samsung displays
  • Vivo: 8" internal by Samsung and 6.5" external by BOE
  • Oppo: 7.1" internal and 5.45" external (may launch in 2022)
  • Google Pixel Fold: 7.6" internal display made by Samsung

When we add the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Z Flip 3, there will be no less than six foldable phones by major brands launching this year, and the competition for is about to get fierce for Samsung's 2021 foldable phone plans.

Needless to say, the company is years ahead when it comes to crafting and perfecting foldables, and it will be able to bring the Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Z Flip 3 down in price this year, increasing their mass market appeal, but if the Chinese makers have proven one thing, it's that they can come out with very compelling value-for-money propositions very fast.

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