YouTube reverses Samsung's takedown of Galaxy Note 7 sticky bomb video

We reported a few days ago that Samsung filed a DMCA against a video uploaded on YouTube that turned its “explosive” Galaxy Note 7 into a grenade. Someone had the funny idea to created GTA V mod where the Galaxy Note 7 can be used as a bomb, something that Samsung did not like at all.

Following the copyright claim filed by Samsung, YouTube removed the video and informed its creator about the decision. However, the handler of the YouTube channel sdaddy345 filed a conter-claim against Samsung, which seems to have been successfully since the video has been reinstated and is now available to watch.

The correspondence between sdaddy345 and YouTube has been made public as well. In one of the emails, YouTube writes that the complaint received from Samsung lacks “one or more legally-required elements of a copyright takedown notice.”

As such, YouTube has decided to reverse its original decision, at least until Samsung provides it with all the required elements. Basically, this means that once the South Korean handset maker has all the documents needed, YouTube could take down the video again.

However, since the creator of the video did not copy anything, we doubt that Samsung will be able to provide YouTube with all that's necessary to legally take down the Galaxy Note 7 sticky bomb mod video.

Even if Samsung's next takedown notice will be successful, the video has already been uploaded by many other YouTube channel owners, so it would be close to impossible to completely remove the video from the Internet.

source: Kotaku

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