Would releasing the LG G6 earlier help LG in raking some more fans its way?

Would releasing the LG G6 earlier help LG in raking some more fans its way?
Latest rumor on the street (Smartphone Ave?) is that LG is planning to release the G6 earlier than expected — maybe in early March, in an attempt to gain better momentum and boost sales before its main competitors make their own smartphones available. This news dovetails reports of Samsung planning to delay the Galaxy S8 a bit, while it figures out what went wrong with the Note 7 and to make absolutely sure that it won't happen again.

LG hasn't had much luck with its flagships lately. The G4 was interesting, but barely got people to open their wallets, and the G5's modular design is fun to think about, but it seems no one is interested in actually using it as it was implemented. And while the V20 is a great phone, everything about it signals “niche product”. In any case, LG definitely needs something to draw attention back to its otherwise pretty nice mainstream phones. Dual cameras weren't it, and modules didn't seem to do it last time. Whatever the company has planned for 2017, having an extra month of breathing room so that customers can be exposed to the new gizmo without much interference could actually help. What do you think?

Do you think the LG G6 arriving a month earlier would help its sales?

Absolutely. LG makes great phones, it just needs some breathing room to shine
Depends on the device and features
Nah, LG should spend more time ironing out any possible kinks. Don't make it a second Note 7
I am pretty sure the G6 doesn't have a chance no matter what

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