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Wednesday´s News Bits

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Wednesday´s News Bits
  • US users will have to wait for Nokia Comes With Music until 2010. A speaker for the Finnish company has announced the delay is necessary and the product release will be held up until the service has been properly optimized for the American market. As a whole, the service is not overly popular in Europe, but a successful launch over the Big Pond can save the day and prevent a total failure. (source: Reuters)

  • An app for the iPhone gathers most votes at Startup Weekend, a 54 hour long programming marathon organized by Microsoft and held at a company location. The app that made it with the gold is called Learn That Name and helps users memorize names of people they run across at various events. Apparently, this is quite a problem for programmers. (source: msmobiles)

  • The LG Rumor2 is now available through Virgin Mobile for $129.99 without a contract, which is a decent price for the device aimed at people who tend to text heavily. The handset is available on Sprint and Alltel as well. (source: LG Central)

  • Software update for the BlackBerry version of Facebook is around the corner. Version 1.7 is expected later this month. It brings content filtering, i.e. you will be able to choose selective visualization of pictures, status updates etc. and faster page loading. Moreover, the app will come with profile overview and several other new features. We do hope the client gets as good as the version for the iPhone and soon, because its latest version for the Apple made device is awesome. (source: BGR)

New Facebook client for BlackBerry

New Facebook client for BlackBerry

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