U.K. Court orders Apple to pay Samsung's legal fees

U.K. Court dissaproves of Apple's conduct and forces them to pay Sammsung's legal fees
On Friday, we told you how Judge Robin Jacobs in the U.K. had said that Apple showed a "lack of integrity" when it posted a "false and misleading" statement on its website. Apple was forced to post that the Samsung Galaxy Tab did not infringe on Apple's design patents as a U.K. court found. Instead of following the court's directions, Apple simply posted about court rulings it had won outside the U.K. along with some flippant comments made by a U.K. judge about the Apple iPad being cool compared to the Samsung Galaxy Tab, which wasn't "cool enough" to be confused with Apple's tablet.

An exasperated Judge Jacobs was originally told by Apple that it would take two weeks to change the post on its website (could an innovative tech company like Apple really need two weeks to change a post on its site?). Considering that Apple failed to follow the court's directions when it came to publishing the original post, the judge has decided to order Apple to pay Samsung's U.K. legal costs related to this case on an indemnity basis as opposed to the standard basis. Simply, this means that instead of finding in Apple's favor on matters of questionable legal fees, the court will rule in favor of Samsung and require Apple to pay the bill in question.

Ordering that Apple pay Samsung's costs on an indemnity basis is a sign that the court disapproves of Apple's conduct in this case, especially as it was related to an order made by the court. Additionally, the court released its list of things it found false with Apple's first post (see below) and why it decided to force Apple to keep the new notice up until December 15th (check the sourcelink).

From reading excerpts from the court's ruling, it is obvious that the judge is upset and angry with Apple's behavior in this matter. Is this an isolated situation or is this another sign of the unraveling that seems to be taking place at Apple?

source: Groklaw, TheVerge via Gizmodo
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