This infographic treats us to a brief history of cell phones and mobile technology

The history of mobile phones
Mobile phones as we now know them have surely gone a long way ever since their debut back in the l990s. What's more, most of you have probably witnessed their evolution path from those antenna-toting, monochrome pioneer bricks to the recent beasts with 4GB of RAM and curved displays.

Looking back, it's pretty safe to say that the mobile industry has been one of the more dynamic during the last decade or so, achieving such a prominent evolution jump over the span of just a few years. 

It's all interesting to delve into the days of old and remind ourselves of all of the older devices that we love and cherish. We have a new pretty compact and succinct infographic in store that will once again remind you where the industry stood once and where it currently is. 

A few interesting facts are already included below. For example, did you know that 1999's Nokia 7110 was the first phone ever to come with a WAP browser? 

Feeling nostalgic? Check out these articles about some of the old-school time-tested handsets:

source: Lycamobile
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