The Google Nexus 7 has a meltdown

The Google Nexus 7 has a meltdown
Imagine plugging in your Google Nexus 7 using the OEM charger and three hours later your tablet has had a meltdown. The owner of the tablet says that the slate was in his office overnight when the incident occurred. We should say, allegedly occurred because you might recall this past June when a Samsung Galaxy S III, unplugged, resting in a car dock, exploded. At the time, Carphone Warehouse, where the unit was bought, and Samsung seemed like they were being mean when neither would exchange the phone for a new one. But as it turned out, they both were right in being suspicious. The phone had sustained water damage and a friend of the phone's owner tried to dry it out in the microwave.

We're not saying that something fishy happened with the Google Nexus 7,  we are just pointing out that you can't always believe the device owner in a case like this. Asus apparently believed the man as the Taiwan based firm has already sent out a new model to make up for the smoldering one that is probably undergoing an autopsy in the manufacturer's lab.

If you're into the macabre, check out the pictures below of the crispy Google Nexus 7.

source: Baidu (translated), NotebookItalia (translated) via Phandroid

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