T-Mobile adds U.S. Cellular and others to Uncarrier 4.0; 80,000 customers write a break-up letter

T-Mobile adds U.S. Cellular and others to Uncarrier 4.0; 80,000 customers write a break-up letter
T-Mobile is doing something right. Last year, the carrier picked up 4.4 million new postpaid subscribers. And the latest in its series of Uncarrier initiatives is already paying off with big dividends for the carrier. At CES, T-Mobile CEO John Legere announced that T-Mobile would pay the Early Termination Fee for subscribers to Verizon, AT&T and Sprint who bust their two year contract by prematurely leaving for the greener pastures of T-Mobile.

Under the terms of the plan, T-Mobile will take your current handset and offer you a $300 credit toward the purchase of a new phone. Then, you send in your final bill from your old carrier with the ETF printed on it, and T-Mobile will reimburse you up to $350 per line. That means you are getting as much as $650 per line for each person on your plan that jumps to the nation's fourth largest carrier. T-Mobile even came up with a cool way to write a break-up letter to your old carrier.

T-Mobile has announced that 80,000 people created a breakup letter to their current carrier, and posted the results on social networks. The carrier says that it has added quite a few new subscribers who have left Verizon, AT&T or Sprint. The company is so pleased with the promotion, that it will add other carriers like U.S. Cellular, to the list of mobile operators whose ETF it will cover.

When will it all end? Not until T-Mobile has single handedly led all mobile carriers in ending the practice of signing customers to two year contracts. That, and the day when T-Mobile can plant its flag as the number one mobile operator in the U.S.

By the way, T-Mobile is sponsoring a concert in L.A, featuring Macklemore. If the name sounds familiar, they were the act performing at AT&T's CES party when John Legere crashed it and was summarily tossed by the carrier's security team. Well, it looks like cellular customers weren't the only ones making the switch to T-Mobile.

source: T-Mobilere/con via BGR

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