T-Mobile helps you write a 'Dear John' letter to your current carrier

T-Mobile helps you write a 'Dear John' letter to your current carrier
As we told you earlier this afternoon, T-Mobile will pay your ETF up to $350 if you leave Verizon, AT&T or Sprint. Of course, certain conditions apply. T-Mobile will even help you say goodbye to your current carrier. Head to T-Mobile's Facebook page and the mobile operator will help you write what it calls "The Break Up Letter". First you select your current carrier, and then choose one of the options why you are tired of them. For example, you could say "I'm tired of you always trying to control me."

Other parts of the letter include a reason why the relationship between you and your current carrier isn't working, and why you are moving on. Finally, you give the reason why you're switching to T-Mobile, and sign your name. You can then take a look at your completed letter and pass it along to your social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Google+. The letter doesn't automatically get sent to your current carrier unless you mail it to them.

We have got to admit that this is another impressive bit of marketing on T-Mobile's part. It's a bit like playing Mad Libs. You can check out a sample letter in the slideshow below.

source: T-Mobile via AndroidCentral

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