Stories you shouldn't have missed this week

Stories you shouldn't have missed this week

It's like this week started on Wednesday, right? Arguably the biggest news from the week was the long, looong-awaited official introduction of Nokia's first Windows Phones, the Lumia 800 and Lumia 710. However, it finally happened, letting us ponder over the fruits of the newly-formed partnership between Nokia and Microsoft. And to tell you the truth, it could be worse you know, after all, these new Mango-powered smartphones don't look that bad... Actually, we can safely say that the Nokia Lumia 800 is a real beauty with its innovative design. And the mainstream offering in the Lumia 710 - it simply seems like a pretty good package for its mid-end role. Anyways, here's all the interesting coverage around the new Nokia Windows Phones that one might ask... and even more!

After we were treated to Nokia's latest and greatest, there's wasn't much interesting stuff that happened. That's why we decided to use this moment and present you with our thoughts on the benefits of having an HD screen on a cell phone. Meanwhile, we also shared our impressions from the Verizon iPhone 4S. If you've read our Apple iPhone 4S Review (which, by the way, is based on the Sprint version), but you wonder how the device performs on the "nation's most reliable network", you'll surely like our article.

Thankfully, it wasn't long before more interesting news started to appear. First it was the leaked images of the LG Prada K2, which we kindly brought to you first. And, soon after that, it became clear that Sony Ericsson will soon be a brand of the past. But fear not, that doesn't mean that the manufacturer will disappear from the scene. As a matter fact, we're sure that we're to see many more exciting handsets from Sony... yeah, that's how these products will be branded in the future, because Ericsson will be selling its 50% stake to Sony.

We wanted to make the end of the week as interesting as possible, and that's why we offered you a brand new editorial titled "The Update Battle: Innovation vs legacy support" - believe us, you don't want to miss it! But, probably even more intriguing (for some) would be the fact that we were all treated to the very first images of the Motorola DROID 4! Have a nice weekend, guys and gals!


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