Snapchat users can now choose to de-link their phone number from their username

Snapchat users can now choose to de-link their phone number from their username
After a website listed 4.6 million phone numbers linked by Snapchat username (the last two digits of each phone number were redacted), the messaging app is not taking any more chances. An update to its iOS and Android apps allows members to de-link their phone number from their username. In addition, before using Find Friends, subscribers must verify their phone number. Unfortunately though, each Snapchat user will still have his username linked to his phone number by default. It is up to each member to opt-out of the connection.

Snapchat was warned last summer by a security firm, about exploits that eventually led the SnapchatDB! website to leak the phone numbers. The app allows users to send video, photo and text messages that self-destruct and disappear after 10 seconds. Snapchat has said that it will improve the security on the app and also added an email address to answer security concerns from members. That address is

There is plenty of money at stake for Snapchat if it can make users feel secure. Last June, well before all of this trouble started, Snapchat completed a round of financing with an $800 million valuation. By the end of the year, the company is believed to have turned down a $3 billion offer from Facebook and a $4 billion offer from Google.

source: Snapchat (iOS|Android) via Engadget


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1. downphoenix

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bet they wish they would have taken google's $4b offer. Foolish of them to turn that down, they'll instead die in the next 2-3 years and have millions in debts unpaid.

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