4.6 million Snapchat members have their username and partial phone number revealed online

4.6 million Snapchat members have their username and partial phone number revealed online
A list of 4.6 million phone numbers and matching usernames from users of the Snapchat app are now being offered on a website called SnapchatDB.info. The information was collected using the API exploit that we told you about last week, and is being offered as an SQL dump (around 40 MB) or as a CSV text file. The site states that the information contains usernames matched up with phone numbers. The site reasons that since many people use the same username on sites like Facebook and Twitter, you could be able to find the phone number of someone you want to get in touch with. The hackers involved did redact the last two numbers of each phone number, but cautioned that there might be a time when it reveals all of the digits.

A company called Gibson Securities posted a link to the exploit on a tweet that was sent out last week. The company said that it had been trying to warn Snapchat about the exploit for months, but was ignored. The hackers running the SnapchatDB! site might also be trying to send Snapchat a message about tightening its security. They claim that they are sharing this information with the public to raise awareness of the issue.

Snapchat has allegedly turned down offers of $3 billion and $4 billion for the company from Facebook and Google respectively. The messaging app allows users to send text, video and photo messages that disappear after 10 seconds. If you want to see if your username is in the database, click on the sourcelink to get directed to a site where you can check this out.

source: robbiet, SnapchatDB! via Forbes


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