Snapchat soon to add gaming platform to its mobile apps

Snapchat soon to add gaming platform to its mobile apps
In order to remain competitive in the social network market, Snapchat plans to add a gaming platform to its mobile apps. After the company played with the idea of delivering interactive content such as AR selfie games, full-fledged games will come to Snapchat mobile apps soon, a new report claims.

Apparently, Snapchat has already teamed up with a publisher that will create games for the upcoming gaming platform, but the identity of this publisher is unknown at the moment. However, a person familiar with Snapchat's plans says that this is more of an experiment rather than a major investment from the company.

Snapchat hopes that the addition of games will keep customers entertained for more time while using its mobile apps. The idea is that the more time people spend on Snapchat, the higher the revenue the company will get.

Well, that's what the company hopes to achieve, but let's not forget that the competition (i.e. Messenger) has games for quite a while now, so it's not like Snapchat is reinventing its business, it's just looking for new ways to boost its revenue.


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