Skype gets improved calls and voicemail in newest update

Skype has just announced a new set of improvements is now available for those using its mobile application. Android and iOS users will receive an update in the coming days, which brings improved call quality just like on the desktop version of Skype.

One other improvement announced by Skype is related to calls. When the person who initiates a call hangs up, now the call will continue no matter who leaves or joins the conversations, so the discussion won't get interrupted if someone needs a pause for dinner or whatever.

The update also changes the “Call phones” tab into “Calls” in the Android version of Skype. The change will come to iOS soon as well. The “Calls” tab enables quick access to one-tap calling of all types, including free Skype-to-Skype audio or video calls. Call to mobile or landline numbers that need Skype Credit are accessible from this tab as well.

As the title says, the update introduces some improvements to Skype's voicemail as well. The developers have decided to make the way users leave messages more appealing considering that use of traditional voicemail is nosediving.

Basically, you can now leave video messages instead of voicemail, but the latter will still be an option for those who prefer the old ways.

There's some bad news too though, as Skype announced that it will stop support for custom voicemail greetings, email notification and SM transcription. These features will no longer be available in the new version of Skype.

source: Skype


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