Samsung has started replacing or refunding the Galaxy Note 7 at airports

Now that the second Galaxy Note 7 recall has already commenced, Samsung and CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission) aim for 100% return rate since the smartphone is now considered hazardous material.

However, many customers plan to keep their Galaxy Note 7 units despite the fact that all airlines in the United States have banned the device from their flights. Even though Samsung has decided to offer some incentives to those who return their Galaxy Note 7s, let's not forget that there are 1.9 million devices in the customers hands, so it might take some time until all units will be returned.

Well, it looks like Samsung wants to make it even easier for you to return your Galaxy Note 7, even if you don't really want to. Let's say you want to take a flight, but you still own the Galaxy Note 7 and aren't aware that the phone is banned from planes.

Samsung has decided to set up special locations in airports where customers can swap or receive a full refund for the Galaxy Note 7. For the time being, these sites are only present in Australian airports, but we wouldn't be surprised if Samsung expands their availability to other countries as well.

In Australia, Qantas and Virgin Australia airlines have banned the Galaxy Note 7, but other will likely join those two in making sure their planes are safe.

If you happen to travel to Australia, then you should know that these Samsung points are placed right in front of security screenings. They are now operating in many Australian airports, including those from Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Adelaide, Perth and Gold Coast.

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