Samsung will give you up to $100 when you return your Galaxy Note 7

Samsung will give you up to $100 when you return your Galaxy Note 7
As our recent poll has revealed, US customers have a tough time saying goodbye to their Galaxy Note 7 units. In a move that’s designed to entice Note 7 owners to return their unsafe phones, Samsung has just announced that it will Note 7 owners will be offered monetary incentives to return their units.

If you’re going to exchange your Galaxy Note 7 for any Samsung smartphone, the company will offer you $100 in bill credit, which isn’t bad at all. If you’re saying goodbye to Samsung and plan to exchange the Note 7 with a phone from another manufacturer, Samsung will offer $25 in bill credit. The same $25 incentive applies if you’re going for a full refund. These incentives are similar to the ones that the company is offering in its home market of South Korea.

Note that, if you'll be replacing the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 with any other smartphone, any potential price difference will be reimbursed. 

In a press statement, Tim Baxter, Samsung’s US president and COO said:

The “Note 7 Refund & Exchange” program kicks off October 13th at 15:00ET, meaning that you can start claiming your refunds or have your Note 7 replaced later today.

As The Verge notes, Samsung did its best in the past few days to steer clear of specifically using the word recall. However, in the press statement that announces these bill credit incentives, Samsung repeatedly uses the term while also making it clear that it's working with the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), which is the US government agency that’s tasked with handling recalls. With the first Note 7 recall from back in September, Samsung handled the process on its own, a move that has drawn a great deal of criticism.

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What do you guys think of these incentives? Will the extra $75 get you to replace your Note 7 with another Samsung Galaxy smartphone?

source: Samsung via The Verge

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