Samsung execs deny a Galaxy S5 Premium, yet hint at an upscale smartphone lineup... and a Note 4

Samsung execs deny a Galaxy S5 Premium, yet hint at an upscale smartphone lineup
Oh, no, the sky is falling, and the Galaxy S5 Premium isn't happening! We've been hearing for ages about a supposed "luxury" F series phones, coming from Samsung, with top-shelf specs, and premium metallic design, at the respective higher price. Its flagship was always assumed to be a stepped-up S5, with upgrades like a QHD display, and an OIS camera, for instance.

Now, Samsung's boss, J.K. Shin, has allegedly denied the existence of a "premium" S5, saying that "there is no such thing," during an interview with Korean publications. He cushioned the blow with an info on the Note 4, though, reminding us that "of course, in the fall, [there will be] a new model Galaxy Note. This will come out".

Apparently, J.K. Shin didn't deny the work on a more upscale smartphone series specifically, but rather just advised that a more decked-out version of the Galaxy S5, branded "Premium," isn't happening. That's not to say that the eventual series wouldn't have its own flagship, under a completely different naming scheme. 
In fact, Kwon Oh-hyun, Samsung Electronics’ VP, confirmed at the annual shareholder meeting that the company will be maintaining growth “in key businesses, such as mobile phones, TVs and memory chips, by rolling out premium lineups.” Yesterday Samsung unveiled a luxury line of kitchen appliances (read even more expensive refrigerators), saying that it plans to become number one in this segment within a year, adding more water to the premium device series rumor mill.

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Samsung's upscale smartphone portfolio was all a speculation at this point anyway, and, since the latest rumor pegged the first representative for May release, we should know pretty soon if the luxury F series, or whatever it gets titled, is happening at all.

source: Kbench via G4Games & YonhapNews

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