Samsung creating a premium F smartphone line: metal chassis and 16 MP OIS camera due in March

Samsung readying a premium Project F smartphone line for Q2: metal chassis, 16 MP OIS cameras
Samsung news are pouring fast and furious these days - first about the 64-bit Exynos in final stages of preparation, then on orders for magnesium/aluminum phone casings, afterwards the new ISOCELL mobile camera tech, and now we get the crown jewel.

Korean media is reporting on an eventual premium line of smartphones from Samsung, dubbed Project F, where the company is planning to throw the kitchen sink of its considerable hardware resources, and wrap it all in pretty slim metal chassis.

Details on the exact specs range are still being finalized, but we might be looking at 4.5"-5.5" screen sizes with eventually flexible displays, Exynos Octa processors, and up to 16 MP camera with optical image stabilization technology. Since Samsung likely plans on premium prices for its F series, mass production issues of its components won't be a deterrent, like they were with the eventual flexible YOUM screen and OIS tech for the Note 3, which still might happen, but in much smaller batches.

Such a strategy will allow Samsung to cover each and every market segment and price point - from the extreme low-end to the exclusive premium editions. Does that mean that the metal casings bandied about to be in production soon won't be for the Galaxy S5, but rather for the premium F series? That remains to be seen, though a 10 to 30 million order is likely not for the ultra expensive range. 

This whole rumor also makes us wonder what the eventual Project F handsets will look like, whether it will resemble just a metal-clad representative of the Galaxy line, like the concept render you see in the thumb image, more premium versions of the S4 and Note 3, as the publication suggests, or something altogether different. Also, are we getting removable battery and expandable storage like with the plastic flagships? Questions, questions, but the posting says we might see those cleared as early as March next year, so we are sure more leaks will trickle down by then.

source: ETNews

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