The Galaxy S20 trio made up 94 percent of 5G sales in the US in Q1 2020

The Galaxy S20 trio made up 94 percent of 5G sales in the US in Q1 2020
Samsung continues to dominate the 5G market in the US, thanks to its new flagship Galaxy S20 series, claims Strategy Analytics.

Despite their high-end specs, the phones apparently received a lukewarm reception in the beginning. As the coronavirus struck, sales presumably tumbled even further. However, in spite of the headwinds, the Galaxy S20 trio is holding steady. In fact, it's doing better than other premium 5G phones in the US, per the research firm.

Galaxy S20 Plus seems to be doing particularly well

According to estimates, the Galaxy S20 Plus was the top-selling 5G-ready phone in the US in Q1 2020, making up 40 percent of sales. It was particularly a hit with affluent professionals in major cities. Another report claims that the Galaxy S20 Plus made up 1.7 percent of total global shipments in Q1 and it was the third most popular Android phone during the time period.
The handset was followed by none other than the Galaxy S20 Ultra, which accounted for 30 percent of all 5G shipments in the US during the quarter. This specced out model boasts a 108MP  ultrawide camera, a 40MP selfie shooter, a 5,000 mAh battery, and up to 16GB of RAM, and its price starts at $1,399.

The standard Galaxy S20 was the third most sought after 5G phone in the country, taking a market share of 24 percent. That gives Samsung a market share of 94 percent in the US 5G market. Needless to say, it enjoys a huge lead over rivals like OnePlus, LG, and Motorola.

Overall, 3.4 million 5G handsets were sold in the US in Q1 2020. They made up 12 percent of total sales, whereas LTE phones accounted for 100 percent of sales during the same period last year. 

Samsung is also making its 5G lineup more accessible. The 5G version of the affordable Galaxy A51, which apparently was the most popular Android handset across the world in Q1 2020, will likely land in the US soon, alongside the Galaxy A71 5G.

Currently, Apple does not have a 5G phone in its lineup and that would change with the upcoming iPhone 12. And given that US consumers usually prefer iPhones over Android handsets, Samsung will likely lose its 5G lead to Apple in the future.

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