Patent reveals Google Glass Part 2 with a binocular display

Patent reveals Google Glass Part 2 with a binocular display
The USPTO has released a patent application from back in the third quarter of 2011 from Google. With the serial number of 206338, the patent is titled Google Project Glass Part 2 and shows a binocular Head Mounted Display. While this might be better for the end user, it does present Google with the difficult task of eliminating the possible misalignment between both sides. Once this occurs, the user can suffer from dizziness, feel disoriented and have a poor experience with the device.

To prevent this misalignment from happening, Google apparently will use a laser alignment sensor system, along with a couple of sensors. According to the patent application, Google will also use mechanical actuators to fix deformities in the unit to make sure that both sides are aligned. This could be done whenever Google Glass is turned on or take place on a continuous basis in real time.

With the original Google Glass coming to market by the end of this year, will some buyers wait for Google Glass Part 2, or will there still be the same rush to be the first on the block with the device that can tether to your iOS or Android phone to bring data to your eye only

source: PatentBolt via Slashgear

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