Own more than one Apple Watch? New iOS 9.3 feature will allow you to pair them all on one iPhone

Yesterday, we told you how iOS 9.3 will make it easier for users to get a good night's sleep with Night Shift. By making the screen cooler as the sun goes down in your area, looking at your iPhone or iPad screen will become easier on your eyes. The new feature is based on a study that shows how your circadian rhythms can be affected by bright blue light, throwing off your sleep patterns. The update is also expected to bring some new 3D Touch short cuts to the Apple iPhone 6s and Apple iPhone 6s Plus.

This morning, we are hearing about a new feature being planned for iOS 9.3 called "Auto-Switch." This is designed for users who own more than one Apple Watch. Auto-Switch has appeared in the first developer beta for the next iOS update. Combined with the first beta for watchOS 2.2, the feature allows users to see a list of Apple Watches that have connected with their iPhone. The actively paired Apple Watch will have a green check mark to the left of its listing.

Each Apple Watch listed will include an image of the timepiece including the style, color and watch face employed by the user. Auto-Switch will help developers test apps they are writing to make sure that they are compatible for both the 38mm and 42mm versions of the timepiece

Apple is also hoping that by allowing multiple Apple Watch units to pair with a single iPhone, fans of the wearable might purchase additional watches to wear. For example, someone who parties with wealthy executives, athletes or celebrities might wear a lower priced Apple Watch Sport model during the day, but put an Apple Watch Edition on his/her wrist for those fabulous formal evening get-togethers.

source: AppleInsider

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